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You can independently make a model payment for preliminary assembly of designs.

Following materials will be necessary for manufacturing a payment for you:

Leaf izolyatsionnogo a material (textolite, getinaks, steklotekstolit), thickness of 1,5-2 millimeters, the size approximately 15 on 20, or 20 on 30 centimeters.

Luzhenaya a tin (it is possible to use a tin from cans).

Two strips from any metal, thickness nearby 1,5 and width of 10-15 millimeters. The length of strips will depend on width of your future payment.

Piece copper obmotochnogo, or it is simple odnozhilnogo a copper wire, 1 millimeter - is used by diameter for rivets.

Some screws M3 with nuts.

From tools it will be necessary for you:

Drill with drills on 1 and 3 millimeters.

Scissors for are sharp tins.

Provisional kind of a payment (the sizes are chosen proizvolnymi)

Manufacturing of a model payment it is begun with a marking. From edges of a payment it is measured 25 millimeters and it is drawn on a payment a grid with cells 10 on 10 millimeters. The marking is better for making metal chertilkoj. It is not necessary to use graphite pencils for a marking! Graphite is a current-carrying material! The rests of lines after a marking a pencil can short-circuit the next contacts of a payment and lead full nerabotosposobnosti to a design produced by you!

Further on a marking we drill apertures  in diameter of 1 millimeter. Apertures after drilling it is desirable slightly razzenkovat a drill on 3 mm.

Following operation: from a tin we cut a strip, in the width 3 and length of 10 millimeters and we drill in them on the center of an aperture on 1 millimeter. These strips will play a role of petals for soldering of details and wires.

From a wire it is cut off small slices, length Т+1мм (T - thickness izolyatsionnoj plates).

The further operation - fastening of contact petals on a payment. This operation demands accuracy and is spent by means of a small hammer on an anvil tisochkov.

After klepki from strips of metal it is bent podstavochki and it is fixed them on a payment by means of vintikov with nuts.




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